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Apothecaria is a journaling RPG that I picked up last year and fell in love with! You can pick it up along with all the expansions HERE.

My Playthrough

16 Silver | 6 Reputation

Spring, Week 1, Year 1

It's my first week in High Rannoc. I am taking over for the town's resident witch who has disappeared for unknown reasons. I dont' know how long I will be here. I spent my first night unpacking and inspecting the cottage. It was a nice place when it was being kept. While cleaning, I found a sizable grimoure under the bed. Flipping through it, I found descriptions of the surrounding lands, diseases, plants, animals, and notable locations of the land. The old witch wrote down everything. I'm thankful to her.

I put a sign out front to let the villagers know that the witch is in.

1st customer arrived before I could rub the sleep out of my eyes.

A gryphon. Not what I was expecting, but if she has si vler I'll do what I can for her. At first I couldn't see anything wrong with her. Gryphons are known for their thick lion's manes. She told me in no uncertain terms, however, that this was not her usual state. I did not even realise that she was a she when she spoke because in addiiton to the wild mane, her voice had become deep and growly.

I fished out the witch's journal and leafed through it for a while as my patient panted. Her mane was very hot.

Finally I found an ailment that matched her symptoms. It is called Yeti Chest [Hair*][Lungs*]. Further reading tells me Yeti Chest is not fatal and it can not get worse, but unfortunatley the previous witch did not list a cure. I thumbed to the back to check the local Reagents.

The nearby Loch (3) has both Gas Weed* and Wig Fish. The Gas Weed's seeds and pulp can be crushed for [Lungs]. Wig Fish Wigs can be added raw for [Hair] [Mood] [Sleep]. Alternitavely, Mermaid's Gift**, a plant that only affects [Hair] also grows in the Loch (5).

LIST: Meltwater Loch
-Gas Weed - Plant - * Loch (3)
-Mermaid's Gift - Plant - ** Loch (5)

-Mortar & Pestel

I set out after the gryphon and I shared a pot of coffee.

When I arrived at the Loch, a dwearf was fishing there. he was very friendly. Said his name was Wort. He told mea boutt a spot that Wig Fish gather to show off their wigs. I told him I'd keep that in mind. While we were talking, I noticed a Dentist Crab on the beach. I scooped it up in my basket. As I left Wort, I also spotted some Mermaid's Gift stuck to the docks.

I had barely put it in a jar when I heard a beautiful song. My legs moved by themselves and carried me to a grotto where a siren sat perched on a large rock. Surprisingly, she was only practicing and when she saw she had an audience, she became very bashful. She apologized for wasting my time and somehow that insutled me a little. I practically delivered myself to her.


The grotto was swamped in Gas weed, so I took a cutting and left. Forget her!

It was evening by the time I got back to the cottage. The gryphon was asleep on my bed when I came in. Brewing the potion wouldnt make much noise so I let her sleep.

{Loch Lozenges} - cures Yeti Chest
Crush Gas Weed seeds and pulp with mortar and pestel.
Boil Mermaid's Gift.
NOTE: this poison carries (1) point of poison.
[16 Silver]

After I gave the gryphon the potion, she shed her mane in an instant. Underneith was a silky sleek animal. She thanked me in her true voice which was very sweet sounding. Nicer than that siren. The gryphon introduced herself as Diana. Under all that hair she had a coin purse on a string around her neck. She paid me 16 silver and I bid her fare well.

Not bad for a day's work.


Nick Sanders, 2024