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On this page you'll find a list of things that I thought were important enough to make a wep page about! I guess it's kind of like a blog or a little personal museum.

UPDATE: From here on out (June '24) new pages will appear at the top!

My Pets - A little page dedicated to my animals past and present.

3 Minute Kroger Pepperoni Pizza - struggles with OCD

Songdogs - an open species anybody can join!

Jolteon Collection - I collect merch of the pokemon, Jolteon! Cards, plushies, and more!

Jack Skellington - a little page dedicated to my favorite skeleton and what he's meant to me through the years.

MS Paint Journey - a short "comic" I made in one sitting one night in MS paint.

MultiAniProjects - blog dedicated to my participation in Multi-Animator Projects on youtube.

Images - pictures I like

Creatures 1 | Docking Station | Creatures 3 - page about one of my favorite computer games.

Deer Library a list of all the books about deer I own.

V Pets a little page about my history with virtual pets. it's slightly outdated, I have an Aibo now!

Page Adoptables - download these fun creatures and display them on your web page!


Nick Sanders, 2024