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Art Commissions

Contacting me for a commission means you have read and agreed with my terms.


  • Crop it into a banner or icon for better display on your socials with *credit*.
  • Post it to your website, social media, or online gallery so long as you give *credit*.
  • Print it out for your own personal use.
  • If your commission is uncolored, you are free to color it or have someone else color it.

    HOW TO GIVE CREDIT: Giving credit means linking back to me with a url (to this website) or mentioning one of my social handles.
    SOCIALS: @quesadillawizard at Bluesky, @deerfromspace at Twitter, Wolfy-T at DeviantArt and FurAffinity, @quesadillawizard at Tumblr, @quesadillawizard@meemu.org for Mastodon.


  • Print my art onto merchandise or publications with intent to sell.
  • Use my art for promotional materials like business cards or physical banners.
  • Use my art for tattoos without my consent. Contact me for a tattoo ticket!
  • Use my art for generative AI or NFTs.
  • Edit a drawing I did in such a way that changes the content rating or intent of the artwork.
  • Remove my signature outside of cropping for better display such as banners and icons.


  • I can refuse any commission without explanation.
  • I can cancel a commission at any time without explanation. You will be given a refund in this case.
  • I can display any art (including WIPs) that I make anywhere online throughout space and time forever. If you would like a private commission, it will cost exponentially more as my artwork acts as advertisement for my bussiness.
  • Some NSFW and Niche commissions will be posted to My Patreon for a week before going up on my public galleries. By commissioning me, you agree to keep your commission off of the public internet until I have posted it to my public galleries.


    FOR SKETCHES: I generally don't offer WIPs for sketches as they are a one and done thing, but if I leave out an important detail (a marking, a body part, etc) I will happily fix it.

    FOR ALL OTHER ART It is your responsability to ask for all changes to your commission during the SKETCH phase. Once you approve the sketch and I have put down ink, I will not be changing the pose, outfit, or expression without compensation. At the time of this writing, I mostly offer flat colors. If I put a color in the wrong place or use a wildly incorrect shade, I will fix it no problem. In the case that we are working on a shaded piece, no edits will be made after you approve the flats.


    I give myself 31 days to deliver on commissions. I usually deliver much more quickly than that, but this gives me wiggle room for work and other obligations.


    If something comes up that would keep me from finishing your art for more than 31 days, I'll let you know so we can decide what to do. At this point, if you decide to cancel, I will refund you in reference to how much of the work I have completed.

    If you change your mind about what you would like me to draw, please contact me as quickly as possible. If I have not already started your commission, you can give me the new information with no problem. However, if I have already started, I will refund you according to how much I have finished and we can begin the commission process again.

    I do not offer refunds if I have finished the art, no exceptions.


  • SUBJECTS: humans, furries, animals, monsters, robots, etc...
  • OCs and Fanart.
  • I offer custom design commissions as well!
  • I offer SFW and NSFW art.

    NOTE: If you want me to draw a character from a live action movie or tv show, you must provide a reference that is already a drawing.

    NOTE #2: If you're interested in something spicy, please read my NSFW Commission Info. (WARNING!! This link leads to a page containing content not suited for those under 18 years of age!) Do not order spicy art through Ko-Fi. Contact me privatley first.


    I do not want to draw your boyfriend or aunt or dad from a photo. I am not a caricature artist.

    I will not draw commercial artowrk. This means artwork meant to be printed on ads or items to be sold. No book covers or illustrations. No logos. No business cards etc...

    I will not do artwork that promotes transphobia, homophobia, racism, and other hate speech.

    Do not ask me to draw in a style that isn't my own.


    Now I will gladly take you by the hand and lead you over to my KO-FI COMMISSION PAGE where you can browse the options! Sometimes I hold sales, so be sure to check back often!

    I am USUALLY open for commissions, but if for any reason, I can't fill your order, I will contact you and let you know! If you would like to contact me first and make sure I'm open, feel free to!

    Thank you so much for reading through my TOS. I hope I'll get to draw something nice for you!

  • Nick Sanders, 2024