May 2, 2019
- added a FURSONA GALLERY to the things page! Go look at all the cool art people have made of me!

Feb 13, 2019
- added ART page to main navigation!
- a few graphical improvements
- added some diary entires
- added some new links

Jan 29, 2019
- Added DIARY page!

Jan 27, 2019
- Added graphical banners to the main pages!
- Added POETRY to the THINGS page!
- Added some cool sites to the LINKS page!
- Added content to the Virtual Pets page found over @ THINGS!

Jan 23, 2019
Added some adoptable Page Pets to the Things page! You can choose from four colorful robots to protect your website!

Jan 21, 2019
Added Jolteon Collection page to Things, added Vpets page to Things, added Art Trade page, added MS Paint Journey to Things. Happy MLK Day!

Jan 20, 2019
Added Links page and commission info! HURRAY!

Dec 23, 2018


the game