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  • Hi Five Soup - a super creative person who always has new things to look at
  • Castle Cyberskull - the RADDEST place on neocities
  • My Furby World - FURBY!!!!!! really cool customs
  • Animal Jokez - silly animal jokes
  • OchiyaAlien - Cool comics, cool music, cool all around!
  • The Siddikinz Zone - i'm not going to tell you whats there its just good and you should trust me
  • Stories My Grandma Told Me - a grandmother's accounts of the unexplained

    OTF 💞 Warrior Cats


  • Feather Site - Awesome repository for poultry information!
  • Andalite Truth - the truth


    Kevin & Kel
    A bunch of furries live in Georgia and there's a ton of world building. The comic has been going since 1995 and is still being updated.

    Awkward Zombie
    An internet oldie, mostly video game goofs.

    Some carebears with Problems live in a discount zoo and have misadventures.

    Skin Deep
    BIG FAV!!!!!! a girl discovers a world full of hidden mythical creatures in tripp pants and also she's a sphinx and i just can't describe this in a way that makes it sound good please just go read it i have every paperback book this author has put out concerning it

    Some kind of bat-squirrel furry finds a baby human in a world full of other furries and nobody really knows what to do with the little human so they do their best to raise her and keep her safe

    Poppy O'Possum
    Furry comic with breathtaking worldbuilding about a single mom who is nearing the end of her life cycle because her species is immune to magic but she's strong enough to pick up an entire house and throw it so Something Is Going On With That Possum (updates have slowed, comic may be on perma hiatus but I still check back with hope in my eyes / comic has also changed to prose with illustrations and is still just as good)

    This one is actually COMPLETE. It's about a pair of girlfriends who go on a road trip to the grand canyon with the intent of jumping into it and killing themselves. It's. A lot. But it's one of my favorite things i've read and the link goes to page 1 so the ending isnt spoiled for you. TW: discussions of suicide, mental health, abuse

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