Currently I am only offering TRADITIONAL ARTWORK at this time. I am not available for commercial art--that's art that appears on things like t-shirts or business cards. If you would like me to mail your commission to you, we can work something out but I will have to charge for shipping/finding ways to package your artwork safely.


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  • Custom Character Designs


    $10.00 - PENCIL SKETCHES
    These are just what they sound like--black and white pencil sketches of your character. All art is fullbody and I charge per character. For very complicated designs or the addition of a background, add $10.00 to $20.00.

    These are inked drawings that have been colored with watercolors! All art is fullbody and I charge per character. For very complicated designs or the addition of a background, add $10.00 to $20.00.

    $30.00 - COLORED PENCIL
    Colored artwork rendered with Prismacolor Colored Pencils. All art is fullbody and I charge per character. For very complicated designs or the addition of a background, add $10.00 to $20.00.


    The nitty-gritty stuff. IF YOU CONTACT ME FOR A COMMISSION, it means you have read this and understand and agree with it.


    + Crop it into a banner or icon to use online so long as you give *credit
    + Host it on your website or online gallery so long as you give *credit*
    + Put it on your wall, shirt, or pillow case to enjoy without profiting

    * Giving credit means putting the entire url of my online gallery somewhere that it is visible on the site that the picture is hosted on.

    DO NOT:

    - Sell shit with something I drew on it
    - Say you drew something I drew for you
    - Edit a drawing I did for you in such a way that changes the message or rating
    - Trace the image and make a base meant to be edited by others. You stop that!


    - Whatever I want. I can display any art I make anywhere online throughout space and time.
    - I'm not a dick, though, I'm not gonna put drawings of your OC on Redbubble and make money off them. Who does that???


    As the artist, I hold the right to refuse or cancel any commission for any reason and I don't have to explain myself. If I cancel, I will give you a full refund if you have already paid. If you cancel by deciding the image just isn't working for you, I will give you a 1/2 refund if I have already been paid.

    I offer WIPs (work-in-progress) on all colored art but don't usually for sketches unless it is a more elaborate picture. You are responsible for telling me what changes you would like me to make when I show you a WIP. Don't be shy! I want you to be happy with your picture.

    Once you approve the sketch, it will enter the inking and finishing stage. I will no longer make edits after this point.

    If something comes up in my offline life (sickness, family stuff, work) to keep me from finishing your picture for more than 30 days, I'll let you know so we can cancel and I can give you a full refund if you've already paid.


    Lots of things! Humans, zombies, animals, furries, robots, your pet, your OC, MY OC (it's happened).

    I DON'T do commercial art and I won't do artwork that I feel is promoting hate speech.

    I will NOT draw you or your boyfriend, aunt, cousin, or sister if you give me a real life flesh image as a reference. I hate that. I'll draw your human persona, but the reference you supply must be artwork or at least a model/sprite from a game you are playing.


    You've made it. You waded thorugh all this and still want to commission me. Thank you from the bottom of my crusty little heart for considering supporting me and my work. So! Let's make a deal!

    Send me an EMAIL at with COMMISSION in the subject line OR send me a private message on deviantart or furaffinity. Don't contact me through tumblr, that place is a disaster when it comes to corospondence.

    In your note/email, tell me your idea and I'll let you know if I'm able to do it for you.

    If I've given you the thumbs-up, send me ALL THE REFERENCE MATERIAL AND DETAILS YOU CAN so that I can make sure you get exactly what you want. I'll begin sending you WIPs and any questions I have. I'll say again, pretty plase don't be shy about asking for changes in the WIP stage! Once I finish your art, I'll ask you for your paypal address and send you a PAYPAL INVOICE.

    And that's it! We did it! You have art and I get to buy groceries! HURRAY!