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Jan 25, 2023
- added BOOKS page
- added cover and blurb for The Dogtrot Murder

Nov 9, 2022
- removed price list from COMMISSIONS page and re-routed to Ko-Fi
- added mastodon contact to ABOUT page
- added pilowfort contact to ABOUT page

April 6, 2021
- updated commission prices
- removed trades page as it was superfluous
- re-added Crownless to the entry page

Oct 9, 2020
- updated all commission information
- moved DIARY page to the PAGES page

Nov 22, 2019
- finished updating the existing pages to fit the site's current theme
- added some new sites to the LINKS page. If you ever wanna trade links, just message me on NC!
- added a page to collect picrews on
- added art and a FAQ to the ABOUT page

Nov 21, 2019
- added Jack Skellington is my Therapist to the THINGS page!
- added Deer Collection to the THINGS page!

Sep 1, 2019
- added a weird movie reveiw to the THINGS page!
- reorganized the THINGS page a little

Aug 10, 2019
- various graphical updates around the site
- split off DESIGN COMMISSIONS and AFTER DARK COMMISSIONS into their own pages

Aug 5, 2019
- pardon my dust! The site is undergoing a graphical revamp!

Aug 4, 2019
- condensed front page links so that COMMISSIONS and TRADES appear on the main MY ARTWORK page

May 2, 2019
- added a FURSONA GALLERY to the THINGS page! Go look at all the cool art people have made of me!

Feb 13, 2019
- added ART page to main navigation!
- a few graphical improvements
- added some diary entires
- added some new links

Jan 29, 2019
- Added DIARY page!

Jan 27, 2019
- Added graphical banners to the main pages!
- Added POETRY to the THINGS page!
- Added some cool sites to the LINKS page!
- Added content to the Virtual Pets page found over @ THINGS!

Jan 23, 2019
Added some adoptable Page Pets to the Things page! You can choose from four colorful robots to protect your website!

Jan 21, 2019
Added Jolteon Collection page to Things, added Vpets page to THINGS, added Art Trade page, added MS Paint Journey to Things. Happy MLK Day!

Jan 20, 2019
Added Links page and commission info! HURRAY!

Dec 23, 2018

Read: The Dogtrot Murder!!!

When Maurice Hutch, a budding mechanic with a small drinking problem, finds himself turned into a vampire, his whole world is turned upside down. A sudden string of grisly murders haunts the town and the residents (including the local vampires) are looking for someone to blame. Maurice has to swap gears fast if he wants to keep his relationships, his job, and on the right side of the dirt.

Enjoy witty turns of phrase and dozens of illustrations by debut author Nick Sanders!

Available in E-BOOK and PAPERBACK!