Yes, hello! Thanks for clicking! I've chosen to add a ball python to my menagerie--which contains one reptile already--and I am doing a commission drive! While some prices will be the same, others will be lowered until I hit my goal!

GOAL: $200.00 USD

by October 2019

EARNED SO FAR: $131.00


Raile Rat - who contributed 5.00
CJ - who contributed 5.00
Elaine - who contributed 15.00
Dean - who contributed 30.00
Wrecking Duty - who contributed 12.00
Gerplexan - who contributed 110.00
Kevin - who contributed 25.00

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If you would like a commission, please read my Terms of Service

To contact me with questions, write to: WOLFYTTWISTED@GMAIL.COM

-infared temp gun
-heating pad
-snake hook
-2 hides
-water bowl
-six months worth of F/T mice