I was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in 2016 by a NP at a mental health clinic.

I am receiving medicaiton and therapy. They are helping. I have a wonderful support network off friends. I wish I lived closer to them but I get to visit them every couple of years and it's really nice.


My OCD is centered around my severe emetophobia--the phobia of vomit/vomiting and invasive thoughts.
The emetophobia is the result of a fucking russian nesting doll's worth of issues I have only just now talked about with my therapist (as of Jan 11, 2018). It's not just because vomit is yucky. I will do my best to explain my irrational thought process.

i vomit (even in private) >> people will assume I'm pregnant >> which will lead them to assume it is proof of my having sex >> they will think i am an irresponsable person

This absolute nonsense (and pretty misogynic) mindset had led me to freaking out over even being seen NEAR a puking person, being near pregnant individuals for fear of "catchign" the pregante, or seeing it on tv. I get this lightning zap of paralizing fear and even the THREAT of vomiting/witnessing vomiting will send me into full-body tremors and muteness.

It sucks.