Flavor Text



{Death of Me} - city & color
So here's to living life miserable
And here's to all the lonely stories that I've told
Maybe drinking wine will validate my sorrow
Every man needs a muse and mine could be the bottle
Maybe then I could sleep at night
I wouldn't lie awake until the morning light
This is something that I'll never control
My nerves will be the death of me, I know

{Parot} - stepdad
Most often I stay level headed as they say I'm on the ball.
Sometimes my mind wanders and I don't know where he'll end up at all.
Then I feel like a pet store parrot ever spouting words.
And when I've had a few too many I get quite excited.
I start talking very loudly and this is when.
I've said a fair share of stupid things that I can't hide.
My wonderful friends just roll their eyes, stay by my side.

{Tonight, Tonight, Tonight} - low roar
Tonight, we're washing off the blood
Tonight, tonight
And I've tried to give you what you want
What is it that you want?
Day spent with not a word to say
Routine, red lie
So jump, we'll sit and burn a lie
We'd rather burn than fight
But I ain't gonna be here too long, too long
We've become so good at fooling all
So good, we often fool ourselves.