July 2019
- started being persuaded to join the Fog God
- received his trailer from home from the Fog God
- helped fend off zombies at The Devil's Nest

June 2019
- had his brain invaded by the entire RSDOS network and had to deal with that
- mostly did odd jobs around Bavan

May 2019
- got real weird on the internet and decided to change his name

April 2019
- went to an alternate dimension where he was a vampire instead of a kelpie and everybody had REALLY REALLY good clothes
- went to a super lit apocalypse party but the apocalypse part didn't actually happen
- had some custom shoes made for him

March 2019
- got kidnapped by bug people and taken to "a party" while his doppleganger ran amuck in Ryslig

February 2019
- awoke in a quaranteened hospitals with a bunch of newbies, unaware that he'd been missing for an entire year

April 2018 - Febuary 2019
- presumed dead, tombstone appeared in departed souls graveyard

March 2018
- aided Boone in the murder of a man

January 2018
- went to a fucked up party and got possessed by the sin of Wrath by picking up a skull mask
- made his first kill

October 2017
- woke up in a box
- attended a hell carnival and got stuck in a haunted house