{Feeling Drained} - The ability to drain water from their targets, effectively removing their energy as well as feeding themselves. Kelpies can do this in a few ways, either by giving them a "kiss", or by first making a cut on a part of their victim's body and then leeching the water out. The target will become shriveled up as a result.

{An Extra Hand} - Prehensile, seaweed-like tendrils coming from the back that can be used to entangle humans (in regular form).

{Horse Whisperer} - Sharpened senses, especially underwater. The senses of sight and hearing will increase greatly, and will function at nearly-normal levels underwater.

{Horsin' Around} - The ability to change into a horse. If touched by a human while in horse form, the human will be unable to let go, enabling the Kelpie to drag them around easily.

{Undiscovered} The ability to breathe underwater.

{Undiscovered} The ability to take an 'in-between' form similar to a centaur in appearance, with a human head, arms, and torso attached to a horse body.

{Undiscovered} A fog form. This is an exaggerated version of their monster form that appears only during the fog and is a chance to make your monster more "horrifying" during the fog.

{Undiscovered} The ability to compel humans to come closer by making eye contact (in any form).


{Hungry as a Horse} - A need to feed on human energy. The Kelpie accomplishes this by dragging a human underwater until they drown. If they go too long without feeding, they'll start to lose their self control.

{Whoa Boy!} - Maurice is incredibly skittish. Sudden sounds and movements startle him. He has become paranoid and is very wary of commonplace things like shiny puddles, plastic bags floating through the air, or if you move furniture suddenly and the room looks different HE DOESN'T LIKE THAT NO SIR!!! Don't stand behind him.