Deer Heart - 2012

Still your fleeting deer heart, dear hart.
These roads you run won't take you home tonight.
Rest your weary deer heart, dear hart.
Keep safe down in the ditches till dawn's light.

What grips your wary deer heart, dear hart?
Is it needles? Is it ice, or wires?
What burns your little deer heart, dear hart?
Is it dashing through funeral pyres?

And who holds your beating deer heart, dear hart?
Does it rest in the polished palms of liars?
Steal your precious deer heart, dear hart.
Fly away through the brambles and the briars.

Don't spend your noble deer heart, dear hart.
Give it not to those who would dash it to the ground.
You can't replace your only deer heart, dear hart.
Keep it safe and away from danger, bound.

Deer. - 2012

Can you see me?
Out here amongst the briars,
framed by a withered birch and a budding berry bush.

What am I?

A doe strayed from her herd
or a buck waiting for his crown?

You do not know
and you are no worse for not knowing than I am
because in this moment
this very second, thin and frail as a moth's wing,
it does not matter.

I am still deer.
I am deer I am deer I am deer.

War Song - 2015

The stars cut my throat
as I fight to cough them out

I bleed to light the darkness
my foggy path devout

Breathe stars
heal scars
sing whole galaxies

My heart is roaring thunder
my veins are sprawling trees

My lungs are alight
like a mountain on fire

I'm going supernova

Interstellar pyre

Do not worry do not cry
a mermaid cannot drown

No fire kills the dragon
I am not going down

Unicorn - 2015

Unicorn, Unicorn,
no one believes you are real

Unicorn, Unicorn,
I think I know how you feel

Envied and treasured, a sigh at the thought
your value unmeasured and hunted and sought

But what would they do
if they really found you?

Believe me, Unicorn, you'd be better off dead.
They're never gonna see past that horn on your head.

They'll say,

"Oh what a burden that spire must be,
trust me I'm different, give it to me."

oh how I wish it weren't true

I wish that I knew what to do

They all want to fix me,
to show me I'm wrong,
that I've just been childish and scared all along

A life of disinterest mistaken for chaste
They sigh and they simper,
Oh what a waste

Unicorn Unicorn,
do you think I can come hide with you?